Spotify reaches 75 million users!


In wake of Apple’s big news of releasing Apple Music, rival Spotify has announced its own set of big news!

With over 20 million paid subscribers, Spotify has almost doubled its users since May of last year with a huge number of over 75 million active users! The swedish streaming service is definitely playing it cool for the moment, but with Apple Music’s release, 2015 is set to be a two horse race for the win.

In other news, a leaked contract acquired by Digital Music News suggests that no license or royalty fees will be paid out during Apple Music’s free trial or for accounts given out on a complimentary basis to industry folk and artists. With Spotify hitting close to $3billion in royalty pay-outs, Apple’s leaked details may not be very appealing to labels after all.

If we’ve learnt anything from TIDAL’s disastrous launch is that Apple Music is gonna have to upgrade in the payout department given that their first three months of lost revenue will need to be covered up. Who’s gonna win the streaming race?

We’re just gonna have to wait and watch.

Khushrav Bhada
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