Spotify To Allow Employees To Work From Home Until 2021

spotify employees work from home

Joining the likes of Tech Giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, Spotify joined them to announce that their employees are globally free to work from home through the rest of this year, until 2021.

As a number of countries begin to slowly ease restrictions and resume functions, a number of large companies who have realized through this time that they can be just as productive if not more working remotely, have chosen to continue extending the option to work remotely for their employees. While Google and Facebook are looking at it till the end of the year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey went so far as to say their employees will permanently be able to work from home long after COVID-19 and its effects pass as well.

Speaking to Variety, A Spotify spokesperson said, “Earlier today, we announced the extension of our work-from-home arrangement for all Spotify employees globally. We will continue to track local government guidelines city-by-city and take a phased approach of opening our offices when we deem it safe to do so. Our employees’ health and safety is our top priority. No employee will be required to come into the office and can choose to work from home through the end of the year.”

The global company has 50 offices across the globe and employs around 4500 full-time employees. They will all be allowed to work from home through the rest of 2020 giving the company time to analyze the situation and move with caution.

Even though Spotify initially saw a drop when the lockdowns initially began, they met and exceeded expectations on revenues and earnings through the first quarter. Currently, they claim to have a subscriber base of over 130 million across 79 countries.

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