Steve Aoki And EA Games Team Up For “Need For Speed No Limits”

need for speed no limits steve aoki

After the massive success of their 2018 music and gaming integration, two-time Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki returns to partner with EA Games’ Need For Speed No Limits.

Over the years, Aoki has dawned many hats from launching his own line of streetwear to writing a series of comic books with Neon Future.

This time around, he has teamed up with Australian-based creative EA studio, Firemonkeys to design a car body kit for the Nissan 240ZG, inspired by his newly released Neon Future sci-fi comic book series. Aoki has always been passionate about video games and is also a partial owner of Rogue Esports, a competitive gaming organization with teams competing in Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Fortnite, and more.

Need For Speed No Limits launched his newest update on May 28th, with an immersive in-game event hosted by Aoki himself. He apparently appeared as an in-game character, challenging players to complete a series of events to unlock his exclusive Neon Future car, while songs from his Neon Future III Remix soundtrack immersed the players in the adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Speaking about the collaboration, Aoki said,

“Neon Future to me is the melding of humanity with technology. It’s about convergence and bringing these two things together to create an advanced species that knows no limits. This future is something I portray in everything I do from my music to the comic book to the clothes I design, and what makes this collaboration with EA so awesome is we got to combine all these different things together to really expand the Neon Future universe even further.”

Benjamin Dawe, Marketing Manager of EA Firemonkeys Studio elaborated on why they felt Aoki was the perfect choice for this kind of a collaboration saying,

“There is no one more at the center of pop culture, music, and fashion, who is able to successfully fuse these different mediums together in a really compelling way. Musically, Steve Aoki integrates all of these elements in a way no other artist does. We feel that this partnership with Need For Speed No Limits is driving the game into a new­­, undefined space. I believe you’re only as good as the people you work with; working with Aoki is pushing the boundaries of what we’re striving for in popular culture.”

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This is the first time in the Need For Speed franchise’s 25-year history where a celebrity has worked with a development team to design a car. The results are a body kit unlike any other in the Need For Speed universe and embody the visual traits of the Neon Future ideology featuring a futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic design that takes the player from “zero to hero.”

Download Need For Speed No Limits here – iOS & Android.

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