Steve Aoki gets his own Netflix documentary

steve aoki

Steve Aoki’s Netflix documentary, titled ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ finally has a trailer and release date, and it looks awesome!

Son of entrepreneur, racing champ and olympian wrestler, Steve Aoki has lived up to the Aoki family legacy over the past few years. Being the most travelled DJ with the busiest schedule in terms of number of shows, Steve Aoki, whether you love him or not is a superstar in a league of his own.

A Netflix produced documentary, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead looks deep into Steve’s life, both professional and personal. Speaking to his friends, family and fellow DJs, the documentary charts Aoki’s rise from struggling DJ in LA to selling out stadiums across the world. It even explores Steve’s relationship with his father and family and the legacy he has inherited and built up over time.

Directed by Justin Krook, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead will be out Friday, August 19 exclusively on Netflix. Stay tuned.

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