Streaming mixes on Spotify soon to become a reality


Spotify and Dubset have reached an agreement that will allow the streaming giant to allow users to stream and upload mixes and radio shows on the platform.

The deal will now make it possible for DJs to upload and legally stream original long-form mixes and single track remixes, creating a new revenue stream for artists whose recordings are sampled and the DJs who create the mixes and remixes. In addition, the agreement is expected to enable Spotify listeners to stream radio shows and other user generated mixes that have not been previously legally available to music fans. The announcement was made earlier at the International Music Summit in Ibiza.

“This is a major milestone for DJs and music fans all over the world. Our technology platform makes it possible for us to identify and pay rights holders in DJ mixes, making this enormously popular music genre available on the world’s most popular streaming service for the very first time. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the team at Spotify to deliver this content to music fans all over the world.” – Stephen White, CEO, Dubset Media Holdings.

“Our number one job at Spotify is to deliver great music to fans whenever and wherever they want to listen to it. This deal with Dubset enables us to serve fans of dance music with the mixes they crave while ensuring that artists, labels and publishers get paid fairly. It’s a great day for music fans all over the world.” – Stefan Blom, chief strategy officer and chief content officer, Spotify.

Considering the fact that Spotify is already the largest streaming platform in its existing markets, their partnership with Dubset is only bound to strengthen their foothold. It would be interesting to see what happens to SoundCloud once this move comes into play.

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