Berlin’s Suicide Circus Remains Closed This Wekend After Drug Related Death Of An Attendee

suicide circus drug death

Berlin based club, Suicide Circus, chose to stay closed over this weekend as a sign of “respect and piety” after 25-year old party goer passed away in hospital from a suspected drug overdose.

The 25-year old Irish woman died in hospital after being taken there for being found unresponsive at the venue early on last monday, August 23. As reported by T-online, the cause of death is believed to be cardiac arrest after a drug overdose.

They went on to share that according to the public prosecutor’s office, the woman was a young Irish woman who had lived in Berlin for some time, had allegedly consumed the drug GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), also known as “Liquid Ecstasy.”

After the incident, Suicide Circus shared a social media post announcing they would be closed over the weekend “Due to the unforeseen and tragic circumstances” out of a sign of “respect and piety.”

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