Suspicious death of youth at DJ Snake’s concert in Hyderabad!

dj snake hyderabad

It’s DJ Snake’s Sunburn tour that’s been the centerpiece of all news over the past week.

After the Bengaluru event receiving a lot of flak and the Delhi gig being rescheduled much to the disappointment of music fans, the Hyderabad event is not under focus.

A 24-year old youth who attended the concert was found dead at the GMR Arena, reported the police. Tulasi Ram had asked for some water from his friends and before they could return, he had disappeared, only before being spotted near the ambulance in which he was taken to the Osmania Hospital.

Reports suggest that Tulasi Ram was intoxicated and could have died of dehydration. “We have found that all the youngsters consumed alcohol during their travel and also at the event. Tulasi Ram’s pulse was low when he was taken to Trident Hospital. Before he could be taken to OGH, he died. It is suspected that he could have suffered dehydration leading to a cardiac issue. We are waiting for the post-mortem report from the OGH mortuary,” a police officer said.

Tulasi Ram’s family, however, said that his death doesn’t seem normal as he had injuries all over his face and that he bled from his nose and ears. Hence, the police have lodged a case of suspicious death.

We need to wait until the post-mortem reports arrive to know what exactly happened to him!

H/T: International Business Times, India Edition

Pavan Kumar


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