Swedish House Mafia Have Officially Confirmed Their Return To Creamfields 2023

swedish house mafia creamfields 2023

During their recent show in Birmingham on their Paradise Again World Tour, Swedish House Mafia revealed that they will be making their return to the coveted Creamfeilds in 2023, for the first time since 2019.

In pictures shared on Reddit, LED screens displayed a clear message simple with the trios three dot logo x Creamfields 2023, keeping it simple and clear that they will be back!

Tickets to Creamfields North set to be held from August 23-27, 2023, are already completely sold out in every category type and with hype being build with news like the return of the iconic Swedish trio and more, as well as the introduction of Creamfields South, its only adding fuel to the hype fire.

While the 2019 performance by the trio was so massive that it required the Arc stage to be shut down a day ahead of their performance, the unforgettable visual of the flames going off during Antidote in a stellar show of pyrotechnics. Fans are definitely going to have high expectations and there is hardly a doubt the Swedes will deliver.

While tickets to Creamfields North are sold out, hopeful attendees can join the Waitlist for any failed deposit tickets here. Tickets to Creamfields South set to be held from May 26-28th, 2023 in Hylands Park, Chelmsford are available here.

H/T – We Rave You

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