Swedish House Mafia Rumoured To Headline Sunburn Festival 2019

swedish house mafia india

Ever since Swedish House Mafia re-grouped last year, almost every dance music fan wants to see them live at a festival near them, and every single music festival on the planet wants to book their dates!

This has led to many rumors and speculations about the trio playing at certain festivals around the globe.

Earlier, the popular rumor was that SHM will return to the stage at the 15th anniversary of Tomorrowland this year. Although there’s no further news on that rumor, there’s a hint. The weekend 2 schedule of the festival had a blank space in it, making many believe that it was an SHM surprise.

Now, the latest rumor according to sources is that the trio will make its way back to the Indian shores for the Sunburn Festival 2019, scheduled to take place at Goa. Much like UMF Miami, Sunburn has had issues with their venue and now, after a couple of years of getting away from Goa, Sunburn is back to the party capital of India. If that didn’t add enough excitement for you, the rumour of SHM’s return to Sunburn widens our eyes further.

It looks quite possible – the return, because Axwell has always loved India and also holds a good rapport with the Sunburn team. Do you think that’ll help Sunburn’s cause? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates. Till then, register for pre-sale tickets to Sunburn Goa 2019.

Pavan Kumar


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