Swedish House Mafia Announce Release Date For “Paradise Again”

swedish house mafia paradise again

It’s been a hot minute since the trio, Swedish House Mafia, announced that their highly anticipated debut album, “Paradise Again” was coming this year.

But even after they started dropping tracks from the album, till today, we had no idea when the album was actually releasing.

Set to release on April 15th via Republic Records, the album release will coincide with the trio’s return to Coachella as they continue to then embark on a mammoth world tour after 10 years!

The trio also released the music video today for “Redlight”, their latest release with the iconic Sting!

In a cover story for SPIN, the trio sat down and discussed the album in an aptly titled piece “Swedish House Mafia Confronted their demons and found themselves.” While it’s hard to wrap our heads around, till now, the trio only ever released six singles, all classics in their own rights, prior to this album.

Sharing how the process and how the 2018 reunion show at Ultra brought them back together Angello said, “I remember the first second we stood there on stage, that crowd, the energy, I was like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ You have to understand that we’ve been playing individually for seven years, but it was a different type of energy. It was like reuniting with your family that you haven’t seen.”

Finally, last July after months of back and forth drafts through quarantine, the world was introduced to the new SHM with the release of “It Gets Better.”

Not giving away much Axwell shared the album contains “between 14 and more” songs and the concept behind the music, videos, and overall aesthetic has been taken from the tale of Dante’s Inferno but flipped upside down.

Sharing how they want fans to ideally consume the new album, Ingrosso shared “When you listen to this album, listen from start to finish. I don’t care if it has 50 streams. I don’t give a f*ck. We just feel like we still have something to say, and that’s why we’re saying it.”

And Axwell goes on to add, “At the end of the day, it’s music. It’s not bookkeeping. It’s not work. It’s supposed to be passion.”

While Angello simply summed it up in one word, “Emotions.”

Read the SPIN interview in its entirety here.

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