Swedish House Mafia Reveal They Made 45 Songs In The Process Of Creating ‘Paradise Again’

swedish house mafia paradise again

“Dance music is freedom. That’s our language. You can go and let everything out.” – Steve Angello

After 5 years of being the undefeatable force in Dance music, Swedish House Mafia chose to disband at the peak of their career. But come 2018, they were back, and come 2021, we will have the first-ever Swedish House Mafia album, undoubtedly long in the making.

In an in-depth interview with NME, the trio consisting of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell, shared insights into what fans can expect from the album as well as the process behind it.

Ingrosso shared, “In the past, we put out single after single, and it was almost like we were chasing something. When Steve first said, ‘We need to make an album’, I wanted to jump out the window. Swedish House Mafia has never made an album before, and historically it takes us a long time to even make a song. We’re really happy with what it’s become, though – we can’t wait to give it to the world.”

Sharing the bigger picture and their goals, Angello said, “As an artist, you always have big goals. You want the whole world to hear your songs, you want kids to resonate with your music and you want to be the biggest thing around. It’s a long road to get there: we’ve all been doing this for over 20 years, but the ambition was always there.”

Speaking about the apparent darker turn to their sound in the newly released tracks, Ingrosso explained they were sticking to their DNA of “combining Scandinavian melodies with dark production and hard sounds.”

During the interview, the Swedes shared that Paradise Again came to life from 45 tracks, which is roughly 4 albums worth of music, to finally put out one. Explaining the reason behind it, Ingrosso said that some of the tracks just didn’t fit the vibe of the existing record and that “they might become something else someday.”

Sharing what fans can expect from the world tour they are embarking on, they shared, ”It was important for us to not just tour the legacy. Of course, we’re going to play our old music because we still like it, but we wanted to challenge ourselves, challenge the fans and challenge the sound. The reunion was never going to just be a tour because we were so excited about the idea of doing something new.”

Read the detailed and in-depth interview here as the Swedes spill the beans on the album, the tour, and the importance of protecting one’s mental health with the immense toll being in the limelight can have on one.

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  1. New song with The Weeknd my favorite. Its a big step in Music Sphere I am so happy for you guys! And new Album its something fresh in this year, new Scandinavian sound, combining with dark production. Swedish House Mafia shines on “It Gets Better.” This is a fab electronic cut that should fly onto any electronic enthusiast’s listening rotation. Even if dance music isn’t your jam, you might find yourself making an exception for this one, which also highlights tremendous musicianship despite its minimalist sensibilities. Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso put in work!
    Thanks for sharing this post!


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