New Swedish House Mafia posters surface in Stockholm, hint at reunion tour

Swedish House Mafia posters

The excitement about SHM’s comeback is never-ending and to be honest, their fans are loving the tease. After the Swedish House Mafia posters that were seen in London earlier this year, new posters have surfaced in their homeland, Stockholm.

However, while the London posters showed an Adidas collaboration, the ones in Stockholm indicate a Nike collaboration.

It has been quite a wait so far. Kicking things off during the UMF in Miami earlier this year, the trio has kept everyone on the edge. Now, from Miami to London, to Stockholm and everywhere else in the world, people just want to know when they would see their beloved artists live on stage!

In the few years that they had separated, Axwell & Ingrosso continued making new music of the highest class, while Steve Angello also produced some songs which blew everyone’s minds. Now, as Ingrosso had mentioned,” There are three dots again, it’s not two plus a dot”, the merging of the new music styles is inevitable. We just can’t wait to see that!

Also, we think that their much-anticipated 2019 tour might kick off in Stockholm. What do you think?

Pavan Kumar


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