Swedish House Mafia Released Their First Single Ten Years Ago Today

swedish house mafia one release date

It’s been ten years since the world was blessed with super trio Swedish House Mafia’s very first release, ‘One (Your Name)’ today! And it’s safe to say it’s been one hell of a decade for them. From disbanding in 2013 to a reunion and comeback in 2018, the trio has had its fair share of ups and downs.

As for the exact release date, while the songs Wikipedia says July 22, 2010, the official video for the track dropped on Swedish House Mafia’s official Youtube channel on July 13, 2020, making today officially 10 years to the trio’s very first official release as the supergroup.

The track features the vocal of Pharrell Williams, speaking about how it all happened, Williams told MTV in an interview after the release, “We just kept seeing each other at festivals. We were doing a show and they did this beat that they played in their set, and I was like, ‘Man! That beat is crazy!’ Finally, he was like, ‘Look, just one of these days, can you drop by the studio and just do something?’ I played a couple of chords and sang, ‘I wanna know your name.’ It was really quick and really simple. So those guys just chopped it up and just used it as they did. They are really talented guys.”

He later went on in the same interview to explain why the trio were ‘necessary rockstars’ in his eyes saying, “The rock stars are the dance DJs because they ultimately know how to go in and make people move by rocking their turntables and their sounds. We have a huge admiration for that. Music is music, and at the end of the day, if you can do something that moves people, you are necessary!”

Back during the release Nick Levine of Digital Spy said, “‘One (Your Name)’ is a booming Eurodance club banger boasting an ear-snaggingly simple synth line, trancey whooshes aplenty and cred-boosting vocals from Neptunes star Pharrell Williams […] it’s neither original nor refined, but boy does it hit the spot. And that’s sort of the whole formula for Swedish House Mafia — they didn’t reinvent anything, they were still doing progressive house and building on the sounds of each individual member. But they did it so well that it didn’t matter, we just wanted to hear Axwell get up on stage and yell, “My name is Axwell, this is Sebastian Ingrosso… and this is Steve Angello. We are the Swedish House Mafia!”

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