SXM Festival returns to the Caribbean Island of St Martin in March, 2018

SXM Festival

SXM Festival reveals the dates for its 2018 edition. Returning for the third year on March 14-18, 2018, SXM Festival will continue to grow its reputation of forward-thinking underground bookings fused with a magical design aesthetic and the paradise setting of Saint Martin.

In its short but impactful lifespan SXM Festival has seamlessly created some of the most talked about memories on the global house and techno circuit. Attendees have been treated to seminal moments like an oceanfront sunrise session with Lee Burridge, a Jamie Jones marathon nestled into the island’s rich jungle, VIP villa sessions overlooking the Caribbean with Behrouz and Blond:ish, beachside triumphs from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Black Coffee, and Ricardo Villalobos on The Ark, SXM’s iconic mainstage – and many more unforgettable occasions.

It is the collision of world-class curation and the unique destination of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten that defines the SXM Festival experience. The half Dutch, half French island provides an unmatched cultural diversity with fine cuisine and boutique hotels combined with a rich native history. And of course it is the sprawling, stunning, natural landscape of the island – with its 36 pristine beaches, rolling green hills and azure oceans – that create limitless spaces for pop-up moments throughout the 5 day event, making it a truly 24 hour a day journey.

SXM Festival

SXM Festival

SXM Festival

Beyond the location, it is the production and aesthetic mastery created by over 50 international artists and designers which creates this truly immersive experience. Every detail is drenched in an artful and calculated approach, offering a look and feel positioned where history (much of the decor is inspired by the indigenous Caribbean people, The Tainos), technology, and nature meet. From the organic main-stage appearing as though it is growing from Happy Bay (the private beach and lush jungle that serves as SXM’s main day venue), to the handmade elements sourced from around the world adorning each venue. This is the carefully curated vessel through which the SXM Festival voyage is charted.

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