Testing Villages And A Strict Masking Policy Might Just Save Tomorrowland 2021

tomorrowland 2021 cancelled

People of tomorrow can breathe easy because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the latest whispers in Belgium, Tomorrowland 2021 summer festival might just happen with the help of large-scale rapid antigen testing.

Mass vaccination is starting all around the world with different plans. While the hope of returning to normalcy is shining bright, the chances for a successful dance music festival season are slim, to say the least. Most countries have prioritized their older, middle-aged citizens alongside frontline workers and have started delivering the much-needed vaccines. As always, the younger demographic will be vaccinated after every age group is provided for and this might happen throughout the summer of 2021. However, Epidemiologist Pierre van Damme, who is a part of the Belgian vaccination task force, has sounded the horns of hope. While speaking on VRT Radio 1’s morning news, Pierre assured that the younger population will not be put aside and that every effort will be made towards securing the summer.
While speaking to Gazet van Antwerpen, van Damme stated that the festival can take place as long as the festival attendees wear masks and follow basic hygiene. He also mentioned that the idea of a rapid testing “village” is being considered in order to test the people of tomorrow in real-time and ensure a safe festival experience.

According to the local report, Festival organizers are to meet with the Belgian government in the near future to discuss the festival and the measures to be taken.

This surely is a sign of hope for most summer festivals as many countries are striving to return back to normalcy.



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