“We Can Die Happy Now” say The Chainsmokers on collaboration with Blink-182!

The Chainsmokers Blink-182

One cannot forget the line from The Chainsmokers’ mammoth hit “Closer” – ‘Stay and play that Blink-182 song, that we beat to death in Tucson’.

Whether the line happened by itself or it was a conscious choice to write it, it is coming true!

The Chainsmokers have been one of the biggest names of the second half this decade that the dance music industry has seen. Their singles like “Closer” and “Paris” have given them the ticket to be part of history itself! Now, as if that wasn’t enough, they have now collaborated with the iconic Blink-182 to write a song! Definitely, that’s their ticket to be a part of history for many generations to come.

The duo took to Twitter to announce their excitement by going as far as saying they can now die happy. Later, Blink-182 retweeted the same, which got music fans across the globe excited.

This will be one collaboration that will bring two generations of music fans closer. We can’t wait to hear the blend between the 90s’ punk music from Blink-182 and the modern day electronic music from The Chainsmokers! Well, let’s just wait to hear more from them – we bet the wait will be worth!

Pavan Kumar


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