The Chainsmokers Set To Produce Music Drama TV Show Named ‘Demo’

the chainsmokers demo tv show

The Chainsmokers are always up to something, and each time they’re dawning new hats.

The Grammy-winning duo has gone from music producers to filmmakers and now executive producers for a TV show.

The music drama named ‘Demo’ will be produced by the duo for Disney owned cable channel, Freeform Network and will come from their Kick The Habit Productions and Stampede Ventures. In an aim to bridge the artistic gaps in the entertainment industry, Kick The Habit Productions was the duo foray into films and now TV. The show is set to be written by Joy Gregory who has previously worked on shows like Madam Secretary and more.

Demo is set to tell the story of a 20-something-year-old songwriter and musician who moves to Los Angeles to make a name for herself in the music industry. She leaves behind her struggling indie-rock band and her working-class family in the hope of moving to LA and writing pop songs to shed her past and start afresh. It isn’t long however before she realizes that the best songs tell the deepest of truths and in order to make it she will need to find the strength to tell her true story.

The Chainsmokers also announced last year that they were working on a film in partnership with TriStar Pictures, named “Paris” which is inspired by their 2017 single after the same name.
Announcing their foray into film and television at the time, the duo had said, “We are beyond thrilled to have launched Kick The Habit Productions as we continue to bridge the gap between our overall artistic vision, the entertainment industry as a whole and our fans. The age of being only a musician is over and we’re excited to go all-in on this venture to curate, produce and create meaningful projects.”

In addition to branching out, the duo is in no way putting their music on the back burner. While out on their massive tour, The World War Joy Tour, they just announced a new album is on the way in the coming week!


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