The Story Of The Origin Of Spotify Titled ‘The Playlist’ Will Drop This October On Netflix

the playlist netflix

The upcoming Netflix Limited Series titled ‘The Playlist’ will tell the story behind how the now iconic music streaming platform Spotify was created and the story behind it.

Announced years back in December 2019, the six episode limited series about the Swedish streaming platform and its journey from creation to becoming the world’s top music streaming service will finally be released on October 13,2022.

While this is a fictionalized account, Vikings actor Edvin Endre will portray CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek, while Christian Hillborg will play Ek’s friend and co-founder of Spotify, Martin Lorentzon. The series has been directed by Per-Olav Sørensen and written by Christian Spurrier and will follow a storyline similar to ‘The Social Network’ but revolve around telling the story of Ek’s dedication to transforming music piracy into music streaming, a move that has reshaped the music industry and the way listeners pay for music.

The two min trailer dropped on Netflix’s YouTube channel is set to the iconic soundtrack of the late Avicii’s legendary track Levels. The series has been described by Netflix as a show of “hard convictions, unrelenting will and big dreams that can challenge the status quo.”

Catch ‘The Playlist’ on Netflix from next week, October 13th!

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