This New Mobile Application Allows Party Goers To Request And Vote For What Songs The DJ Plays

psly mobile application

Whether your one of those people who go up to the decks and tried to yell your request to the DJ at a club or the one who opens the track on their phone and furiously waves it in the front of the DJ in an attempt to draw attention, this might be the end of your woes.

While we wouldn’t recommend either of the above, let the DJ do his job, if you MUST make a request, there’s an app which might just change your party life. This new mobile application called PSLY has just launched, the aim of which is to allow club attendees to suggest tracks they want the DJ to play and also vote for them to better the chances.

The app which has been developed by Yonathan Kristos, allows users to vote on the next song to be played in the venue. While the DJ himself is required to have the app as well, the concept is the DJ weaves in the track with the most votes into the set.

How the app works is extremely straight forward. All that needs to be done is download the free PSLY app from the Apple or Google Store, suggest a track and then get voting.

With the main aim to allow the partygoers to “Curate The Experience”, PSLY launched in Toronto’s Love Child Social House and is currently being used on Friday nights at Figures nightclub.

With the launch of this app has come to its fair share of mixed reactions. The job of a DJ entails reading the crowd and playing out to their preferences, with the launch of an app like this the DJ loses that control and is unable to build on their set artistically.

While the app has only just begun, it remains to be seen if other venues in Canada and then venues around the world feel the need to embrace it or not. Are you all for it or would you rather let the Pros do their job and show us a good time?

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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