Tiësto Reveals Unreleased Avicii Collaborations In Recent Interview

tiesto avicii collaboration

Avicii was a true legend and time and again releases and collaborations, even after his passing have only further reinforced that.

In a recent interview with Level One, Tiësto shared that he had some unfinished collaborations with Avicii but was quick to say he wasn’t sure if they’d ever see the light of day.

Sharing how the leading reason was he wasn’t sure how Avicii would have wanted the track to progress, he shared, “We made a track together years ago and we wanted to release it. Actually, I have two tracks with him. We never really finished both of them. After he passed away. I didn’t know if he would have wanted them to be released, so I decided not to.” Adding right after “I’m not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day.”

This doesn’t however come as much of a surprise since the two were always close and Tiësto was one of Avicii’s earliest supporters. While we would love to see these two tracks come to life, we don’t know if and when they ever will. That being said, Tiesto did share some exciting news about his upcoming album.

Sharing how this album will be different than his last, ‘The London Sessions’ he said, “The London Sessions was a really great album. I spent a month in London, met up with all the best songwriters and we had a lot of sessions. I feel like that’s how albums are gonna be from now on: they’ll be a vibe and not necessarily just like 10 songs put together. It’ll be more like: ‘Yeah, this is where I’m at, my headspace,’ and really try to close it out within three months from start to finish.”

Sharing the new album which will be coming later this summer he said, “Yeah, I’m working on one at the moment. This one is going to take a little bit longer because of the success of my other tracks – the record label wants them to have a little more juice. But I think the new album should be finished by February and then come out in the summer.“

Check out the full interview from the February 2022 issue of Level One here.

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