Tiesto Reveals New Alias, “Verwest” Focused On The Gentler Side Of Dance Music

tiesto verwest

The godfather of electronic dance music just revealed his new moniker “Verwest” which happens to be Tijs’ last name. Under the new moniker, Tiesto will mostly focus on the gentler side of dance music.

A strange cryptic post popped up on the Dutchman’s social media channels. It contained a 15-second teaser of a track that will be released under the name “Verwest” and by the natural order of fandom, we took the extra step of shazaming it. Turns out, the record is named “Five Seconds Before Sunrise”. The name also suggests that this record might be a smart follow up to “Ten Seconds Before Sunrise” which is an all-time Tiesto classic.

This arpeggio fueled heavenly ID was first played by Tiesto in his AFTR: HRS mix of the Beatport Livestream and never made a return until now. When asked about doing more sets like the AFTR: HRS set, Tiesto responded by saying that it was spontaneous and might consider doing more of those.

Details like the date of release are not disclosed as of now. Since the track is shazamable, it’s safe to say that the release is right around the corner. We are really excited to see how Tiesto steers this new moniker into uncharted paths. For now, we wait patiently for this masterpiece to drop.

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