Tiesto’s launches new record label, AFTR:HRS


Dutch superstar Tiesto just released a brand new deep house record label titled AFTR:HRS.

Musical Freedom boss and Dutch superstar DJ, Tiesto just announced the release of a brand new deep house record label. AFTR:HRS will cater to all you deep house lovers with Tiesto releasing some of the best and finely tuned deep house tracks out there.

As Tiesto says himself, “I have always loved playing deep house and more mellow tracks in my radio show and my live shows, but I also love to listen to it when I drive or go out late night/early morning! I wanted to create a new label just to release these types of tracks. So today, I am launching AFTR:HRS. Get ready for some great music!”

The logo for AFTR:HRS forms directly out of Musical Freedom’s logo as you will see in the video below and promises to bring you new sounds like those that inspired Tiesto years ago. Well we’ll just have to wait and see what the Dutchman’s new label does have to offer but one thing’s for sure – its gonna be BIG!

oonz oonz oonz oonz….


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