Timmy Trumpet Gets Engaged To His Girlfriend On Livestream

timmy trumpet girlfriend engaged

Aussie DJ/Producer Timmy Trumpet proposed to his girlfriend on Livestream and she said yes!

Timmy Trumpet is an unmatched performer. His live sets are heavily entertaining and his knack for pulling out cheeky surprises is second to none. Witnessing this, one can confirm that Timmy Trumpet can not only pull out bangers but also act like a natural as well.

By the looks of it, Annette wasn’t ready at all. Well, now Annette knows how the fans feel whenever they see Timmy Trumpet perform. The video ended with the newly engaged couple hugging it out while confetti was flying all around them.

Fellow artists made sure to congratulate the trumpeter amply.

And there is always one guy pulling out a smart one.

Knowing Timmy Trumpet, I don’t think this comment is far off.

Congratulations to Timmy and Annette. We wish you the best for your journey ahead as a newly engaged couple.


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