Tomorrowland Teases Mysterious Countdown Set to Unveil Details Soon

tomorrowland 2020 information

Since the past few days, Tomorrowland has had a mysterious countdown timer show up on their website.

Revealing absolutely no kind of information, this timer has been ticking down and is due to stop today, June 4, at 3 pm CEST which is 6:30 pm IST for the reveal.

While the festival has officially been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers have fans looking forward to what they have in store. While some are presuming its a virtual festival on the originally planned dates like EDC did in May, others are suspecting or rather hoping its an additional weekend they decide to add to the festival in 2021. Since tickets from 2020 have been transferred to 2021, getting a ticket to the festival will be practically impossible.

But all the information out there through the cryptic teasers has been images of the earth from afar and ticking down the countdown to tomorrow.

While Tomorrowland has been presenting virtual streams through its United Through Music streams regularly and One World Radio 24×7, where this countdown times leads us remains to be seen.

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