Tomorrowland Unveils Details About New Stages And Changes For 2019

tomorrowland 2019 stage design

Known for some of the most exquisite and mind-blowing levels of production, its that time of the year again for the festival of festivals, Tomorrowland 2019. The city of Boom in Belgium is getting set to open its doors to the people of tomorrow in under 2 weeks now.

With a theme around which the festival strongly revolves each year, the anticipation levels regarding the decor and stages it inspires are always high in the lead-up. Revealing the overarching theme of “The Book of Wisdom” last month, the festival broke the theme down with an intense and theatrical video in their signature style.

“Destiny is a big, big world, but we think you’re ready.
You do believe in magic, don’t you?

The Book of Wisdom will be your key to the unique realms of Tomorrowland and will guide you on your quest through this astonishing place.”

All attendees are also set to receive a comprehensive 160-page hardcover book going with the theme along with their wristbands. They truly leave no stone unturned when it comes to an all-out experience.

The 15th – anniversary edition which will take place across two weekends – July 19th-21st and July 26th-28th in Boom, Belgium. Known to have one of the most comprehensive line-ups of all festivals, this year’s line-up is no different. From Above & beyond to Afrojack and Armin Van Buuren to Eric Prydz, they have them all! Not just artists but they also have a host of curated stages including ones by Monstercat, Q-dance, Anjunabeats and the much anticipated Eric Prydz Presents HOLOSPHERE.

While it was known that the “Book of Wisdom” from 2012 will be returning as the mainstage, there was a lot of anticipation around major changes on other stages. Just yesterday Tomorrowland dropped their detailed schedule online and also updated their mobile app shedding light on some of the main changes.

Tomorrowland is also bringing down two of the stages from the Alps which featured at Tomorrowland Winter, to this year’s edition.

L’Orangerie and the Lotus, which played the mainstage at the winter edition will be brought down to Belgium. The Organ of Harmony will be replaced by the Lotus stage and L’Orangerie which is designed to look like a greenhouse will replace the floating Arch stage from last year.

Another change comes with the replacement comes with Tomorrowland bidding goodbye to one of its longest-running stages, the Tulip stage. After a run of about 5 odd years, it will be replaced by what they are calling Kara Savi which Tomorrowland says is meant to bring back a touch of last year’s Planaxis theme.

The iconic Freedom stage is set to go through some adjustments to accommodate the mammoth Holosphere by Eric Prydz. If this will just be an adjustment to the very size of the stage or its set up as well still however remains to be seen.

The Theatre Formidable 360 stage is being replaced after only one year. While the stage debuted to some mixed reactions last year, it is now being replaced by a stage known only as Q-Dance. While this will most likely mean it will purely be a stage dedicated to hardstyle, Tomorrowland says that the stage will feature a sword that stands 131 feet high!

For more details regarding the complete day-wise schedule download the official Tomorrowland app or check their website here.

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