Tomorrowland Winter Cancelled Due To Concerns Over Coronavirus

tomorrowland winter cancelled due to coronavirus concerns 2020

Tomorrowland Winter has cancelled its 2020 edition under the guidance of French government.

COVID 19 has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and the Centre for disease control. The once endemic disease is now spreading among all big economies and this means taking drastic measures to assure civilian safety. That made a big dent on the festivals of this season and Tomorrowland Winter is no exception.
Festivals are usually crowded and can promote spread of the virus in an accelerated fashion. This was the prime reason for governments to step up and cancel many such events.

The Organizers of the festival took to their socials to convey their heavy hearted message to their patrons.

Tomorrowland winter is not the only festival to cancel out of Corona virus concerns. Earlier today, Ultra music festival, which is held in Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, has been “suspended” for an unannounced period of time which will be announced by the organizers this Friday.

This might just be the beginning of cancellations for many festivals and although it sounds very disappointing, it is the right thing to do.

The organizers will proceed to send personal emails to their patrons regarding the cancellation. More details will be revealed soon.


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