TomorrowWorld releases 2015 aftermovie


Remember TomorrowWorld? You know the festival that’s NOT happening this year, yea well they’ve just released their 2015 aftermovie to show you what you’ll be missing.

TomorrowWorld just released its 2015 aftermovie filled with happy fans, the biggest stars and love all around. Well it didn’t quite go like that now did it?
Following the huge debacle that took place on the final day of the event in September, TomorrowWorld came out earlier this month to announce that it would not be taking place this year.

So the aftermovie as you shall see below is your usual festival aftermovie. Though what does catch one’s attention is the announcement at the end of the video.

“The key unlocked true happiness and is now carried to its next destination, where it will show its true power once again.”

Check it out for yourself:

Does this mean that TomorrowWorld will return in 2017 at a new destination? Have we said bye bye to the Chattahoochee Hills? Or are we reading into this a bit too much?

What do you think?

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