True School of Music & The Exchange brings kid’s dream of becoming a DJ come true


True School of Music has made young Tarun’s dream of becoming a DJ come true by awarding him a scholarship to any of the school’s professional courses.

Now you’re probably wondering what’s the big deal in a 17 year old getting a scholarship and why you should go on reading this article. Well to put things into perspective, you’ll need to watch this short clip below.

Yep, that’s right Tarun is HIV positive and like the many people fighting HIV, Tarun is not losing hope. Like every 17 year old Tarun also has a dream; A dream to be a DJ. Thanks to The Better India’s noble efforts and the tie-up between The Exchange and True School Of Music, Tarun was able to get a 3 month scholarship and a chance to meet Nikhil Chinapa!

Now just before Tarun was awarded the scholarship, I was lucky enough to meet him and have a short chat with him about his situation, his dreams, his challenges and more…

Tarun started off by getting directly to the point,

“It has been 6 years since I left school. I want to be a DJ now. I love all kinds of electronic dance music. It’s been 2-3 years since I’ve wanted to train to become a DJ. I see them playing music and I feel like doing that too. I have seen a few of my friends doing it and have seen videos of DJs as well. I like Hardwell & David Guetta a lot, but Hardwell is my favourite. I would love to meet Hardwell when he comes down to perform in Mumbai.”

On what he plans to do with the scholarship,

“I will learn and work hard. I feel very happy that True School of Music is giving me this scholarship and I will put my mind to it and study hard and show everyone that I can do it. A lot of people have told me that I wont become a DJ. My family and friends have said its too hard and I wont make it. But I will show it to them.”

Tarun even mentioned his ‘dream venue’,

“I will play at any venue. But my dream venue would be to perform at Juhu beach in Mumbai. (When asked, not Tomorrowland?) Nope, I’d like Juhu beach to be filled with people who’ve come to see me. Ill play both Hindi & English music and make people dance while I dance as well.”

And of course if you’re gonna be a DJ you have to have a DJ pose. Here’s Tarun showing his fav DJ pose.


Tarun’s story is truly exceptional and his determination and positive attitude are inspiring to say the least. I loved every moment I spent with him and hope to see him behind the decks soon once his training is complete.

Here’s Tarun and his proud mentor, Abhishek from Happy Feet Home after receiving the TSM scholarship.


Special thanks also goes out to Jaitali from The Better India for getting us in touch with Tarun. Best of luck to you & we all hope you get to meet your idol, Hardwell soon enough!

[Header Image courtesy – The Better India]

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