Will Ultra Miami take place in Bayfront Park next year?

Ultra Miami

Ultra unlocked quite a few achievements last year, one of which was, having a global presence, which is at par with Formula 1. They also acquired the Winter Music Conference and the International Dance Music Awards. Apart from all of these, Ultra also announced that in 2019, Ultra Miami may return to Bayfront Park.

Why has this, not been confirmed yet? As it turns out, UMF is waiting for the Miami’s city commission to confirm, if the city is determined to sign a 5 year contract with them, which will then allow the festival to continue at Bayfront Park. Let us understand what will be the basis of this decision.

In 2017, downtown residents in Miami had complained of ongoing noise, which had been recurring for a couple of years during the festival occurrence. As a result, there was also a rise in traffic in the area, which may have caused a slight inconvenience to the residents. However, the positive of Miami hosting this festival was that, it brought a business, that was worth millions to the area and region, year after year.

Having said that, Miami’s commissioner demanded after studying all the complaints, that the event organisers should pay a $2-million-dollar annual payment, to the agency that takes care of Bayfront park. In the failure of doing so, Ultra Miami can be taken elsewhere, according to the commissioners ultimatum in May. This cost is apparently 2x of the cost, of staging the Ultra event which the organisers have to pay if they want to keep the three-day festival running at Bayfront Park. But, even if they did so, the noise and traffic complaints could force the festival out of Bayfront park. We’ve built quite the anticipation for you, isn’t it?

ultra miami

Let’s dig deeper into what the previous contract of the festival included. The earlier 5-year contract was established by the event organisers in exchange of a sum to the city of Miami, which included of the usage fee of the park and a surcharge from the ticket cost of every individual attending the event. The city collected approximately $663,000 from UMF in those 5 years. Given that this contract expired in 2018, the organisers need a quick plan, to keep Bayfront Park as Ultra’s ongoing home in Miami. The city should definitely consider the profit Ultra brigs to the city, given that they gained a higher payout, benefiting from the elevated profits of 742,000 from the event in 2018.

So, we can’t wait to find out if Ultra Miami will stay at Bayfront Park or move elsewhere. What do you think? Tell us below!

Paridhi Bhatiya


  1. The city of Miami commissioner is always thinking of their pockets and not the city or the business in it. This event brings in business to the Miami International Airport, it’s beaches, the hotel in the city of Miami and the cities around Miami for the overflow it causes because of such an amazing event. The City of Miami commissioners need to take all of the benefits its losing or that it will lose if they do not allow for UMF to use Bayfront Park. They need to look at it this way. What other major event does Miami have or attention that can pull the amount of people as ultra for 3 days. Miami has always been known for its arts and music is art. Let’s fight to keep Ultra Music Festival in Miami.


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