Ultra Music Festival releases statement after being evicted from Bayfront Park

ultra music festival statement

The world-famous festival is spreading its wings wide into every possible city in the world and fans pour in in thousands. Everyone clearly remembers the humble beginning of Ultra Miami about 20 years ago and have seen its mammoth rise. However, the iconic festival now has a problem in Miami and has lost its contract to host the festival at Bayfront Park.

The final vote against the festival was unanimous according to the Miami New Times. Reasons for the vote against it are complaints made by downtown residents who think the festival has music that’s too loud and creates huge traffic in the area.

According to the Miami New Times, the issue caused an ugly battle between two City of Miami Commissioners. After we heard news from multiple sources, the festival itself came out with an official statement regarding the issue.

The tickets for Ultra Miami 2019 had just been out for sale one day earlier and one has to wait patiently, to understand the fate of their favorite festival in the city of Miami.

Pavan Kumar


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