Ultra Music Festival Officially Cancels 2021 and Announces 2022 Dates

ultra music festival 2021 cancelled

The inevitable has happened, Ultra Music Festival Miami has officially canceled its 2021 edition.

Known to herald the beginning of festival season, this time around the unavoidable and official cancellation of Ultra brings with it clear signs that Spring / Summer festivals aren’t quite in a position to resume for at least another year.

In a statement shared by the festival giants, they said,
“We know you are craving those magical moments where you’re lost in the beat, spellbound by the production, and harmoniously surrounded by old and new friends from around the world that can be experienced at a festival, but unfortunately it is still not safe enough for that to happen yet.”

Once more, however, even two years down, Ultra seems to be calling this a “reschedule” rather than a cancellation which it clearly is at this point saying,

“Given the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, in relation to mass gatherings and public health considerations, we’re deeply saddened to be forced to reschedule Ultra Music Festival to March 25,26, and 27, 2022.”

This rightly so caused an outburst from already livid ticket holders since the 2020 edition, over the festival, not offerings even the option for a refund.

In an email sent directly to ticket holders, the “perks” they can avail of include – VIP upgrades, early entry, and a free ticket to any other Ultra Worldwide event anywhere across the globe among a few other things.

As reported by We Rave You, who gained access to the email the benefits Ultra is offering 2020 ticket holders as a token for being patient are –

Free premium general admission upgrade

Provided at no extra cost, this complimentary upgrade (originally costing $599.95) allows dedicated festival entry along with perks such as air-conditioned restroom facilities, relaxation areas, and bars.

Ultra merchandise discount code

A 50% off discount on up to $250 spent on merchandise.

Extra Ultra hour

In 2022, before the gates open, ticket holders will have the chance to enter the festival one hour before anyone else and will also witness an exclusive set from a headliner DJ on the Main Stage.

Free ticket to an Ultra Worldwide event

Providing fans a free ticket to any Ultra event anywhere in the world, which includes Resistance. This is valid through December 31, 2022, for each valid 2020 ticket that was purchased. Act fast though, as this perk is of limited quantity and is subject to availability. Ultra Miami is excluded from this offer.

Chance to win an Ultra golden ticket

Everyone is eligible to win one of a total of ten golden tickets, which will grant winners FREE lifetime access to any and all of their Ultra Worldwide events, also including Resistance.

Access to Ultra Music Festival 2022 general admission private on-sale

This gives people the chance to purchase up to two additional GA tickets for $249.95 in the 2022 private ticket sale.

While the email provides more information and details, Ultra is also asking people to “Subscribe for Updates” on their website. Complete details for the next steps are specified in the email sent to ticket holders, so if you are a UMF Miami ticket holder from 2020, check the email to see what action needs to be taken.

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