7 dead and 5 in coma after taking drugs at a music festival in Vietnam

vietnam drugs

In a shocking turn of events, 7 people have died and 5 are reported to be in a coma after taking drugs at an EDM festival in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

The incident took place at the Trip To The Moon festival organized by Vietnam Electronic Weekend at West Lake in Hanoi. 

The event was considered the largest EDM festival in the country so far and the happening of such an incident is quite unfortunate. The police have tested the victims positive for an unspecified drug and the incident itself is prompting the officials to ban all EDM festivals in the capital city.

“Police investigators are trying to figure out what type of drug that was,” deputy director of Hanoi police Nguyen Van Vien told reporters Monday.

The official reports reveal that all the people who have died are in their 20s and the five in the coma are aged between 18 and 30. The 5 are currently under intensive care at two different hospitals in Hanoi.

As the EDM scene was on a rise in the city, the event saw the likes of Yellow Claw and Headhunterz on the line-up and had three stages. It is will be a big blow to the rising Asian festival as the reports suggest the drug-related deaths and will possibly be looked at one of the worst mass deaths in the history of music festivals anywhere in the world.

“The incident yesterday… was very painful. It was a great loss,” said Tran Xuan Ha, deputy head of the Hanoi government’s propaganda department said.

There have been large occurrences of drug use in Vietnam as it penetrates through neighboring Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, and is a huge concern for the government officials in further allowing music festivals in the city.

It is quite unfortunate that we hear of such happenings at a music festival and all we have to say to you as a music fan is, party responsibly!


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