Porter Robinson’s “Virtual Self” moniker receives Grammy nomination for “Ghost Voices”

virtual self grammy

Another feather in the cap for Porter Robinson!

“Ghost Voices” has been one of the most successful tracks of 2017 that came from the able hands of Porter Robinson under his ‘Virtual Self’ moniker. Virtual Self, came into existence in the year 2017 with the single “EON BREAK”, focusing on darker, deeper styles of his own music.

The single “Ghost Voices”, which has been classified as ‘neotrance’, by the artist himself, is now nominated for the Grammy awards under for the “Best Dance Recording” category.

Being nominated alongside tracks like “Northern Soul” from Above & Beyond, “Ultimatum” by Disclosure, “Losing It” by Fisher, “Electricity” by Silk City & Dua Lipa shows the caliber of Virtual Self too. The track also received an official audio video which proves to be a visual treat to the eye. Robinson also released a trance remix of the song, “Angel Voices” which was a default track of the VR game Beat Saber.

The track reached #19 on the Belgium Dance (Ultratop Flanders) chart and #79 on the UK Singles Downloads Chart. There began the rise of a new kind of music from the artist, which led to further releases like “Particle Arts” in the same year, 2017.

It is quite amazing what the artist has achieved so far and here’s another feather in the cap for him! We wish him good luck at the GRAMMYs!

Pavan Kumar


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