Voodoo Village Is Leveling Up For 2022: First 20 Of 80+ Acts Announced

voodoo village 2022 lineup

Imagine yourself canopied by the tall, slender silva of s’ Gravenbos, complemented by the backdrop of the moated s’ Gravenkasteel castle to the south, as the brisk air of Belgium’s maritime climate caresses your skin.

Add to the tapestry, a Scandinavian spirit-lore theme and brooding techno to serene deep house and chill accompaniment, and you have the Voodoo Village festival.

But what began with some open-air performances in the village of Dilbeek, has been refined to be not just a festival, but an indelible panorama to the senses. And for their sixth festival, Voodoo Village is priming itself even further to yield a more elevated experience. Higher attendee capacity, more services, and most importantly, more acts.

Here’s the rundown:

Spanning the course of two days and over five stages — unlike former years of the festival’s history — over 80 acts are expected to play, and the first 20 have just been unveiled.

Saturday, September 10th will see many knob-twiddlers whose names are etched into the techno scene, including Berlin-based duo Pan-Pot, KiNK, and the Greek mastermind Echonomist among others, as well as a special takeover by the free-spirited label and multimedia network Keinemusik, featuring a b2b performance by its three kingpins &ME, Adam Port and Rampa.

On the other hand, some of Sunday’s headliners will introduce a softer mélange of sounds. Festival-goers can appreciate a more organic set from the adroit singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Monolink; and spiral away to the hypnotic compositions of Damian Lazarus; while Mind Against and Recondite’s respective sets will keep the dark energy pumping.

But the event’s organizers Maxim Dekegel, Mathias Vlaeminck, and Axelle Dekeg are eager to leap forward in other ways too, namely concerning the accommodations being made to host larger audiences.

Up to last year, space was limited, but Voodoo Village is being expanded to support up to 12,500 attendees per day with a total of 25,000. In an effort to help facilitate this, ‘chill zones’ will be instituted, which are being described as open lounges, particularly around s’ Gravenkasteel’s moat. This will mark a substantial upsurge from the 10,000 attendees of the fifth festival.

Additionally, Voodoo Villagers can be treated to the Tribal Food Experience, a 4-course lunch menu by Michelin star chef and renowned butcher Luc De Laet. Extensive transportation services will be offered as well, where one can opt to reach the festival by Voodoo Village’s shuttle buses or board the Voodoo Boat and cruise over the Willebroek Canal.

Overall, this year’s Voodoo Village festival in all of its patchwork is being fashioned into one of the most unique retreats to unwind and to just lose yourself to the music. Are the woods calling you?Below is a full listing of the first 20 names announced. Tickets and packages can be purchased at voodoovillage.be
Saturday, September 10th:

Bibi Seck
Jenia Tarsol
Keinemusik (&ME & Adam Port & Rampa)
KiNK live

Sunday, September 11th:

Axel Boman
Clara Cuvé
Damian Lazarus
Konstantin Sibold
Mind Against


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