Woov Unveils Game Changing Redesign By Introducing World’s First Audio Venues

woov livestream

Woov is the first digital hangout to use audio and voice technology to transform the live music experience.

With the use of sound engineering, voice and audio spatialization, Woov will transport revellers to festivals and clubs in a new community-driven live music hangout.

While the influx of live streamed concerts have helped fill the void of physical live music events, tomorrow’s biggest artists, festivals and clubs are about to open their doors on Woov. The platform makes you and your friends part of any live music event by spatially positioning music, the crowd and other environmental sounds around you to create a fascinating representation of a physical space. Users can explore various rooms, connect with likeminded people and engage in conversation with performing acts.

“A live stream should be more than just a broadcast. It is a virtual music experience that has the potential to connect the artist and the audience. Performing at the first beta event on Woov recently showed that it is possible to create the emotion of partying together in an authentic way and to feel close to the clubbers on the virtual dancefloor.” – DJ/Producer Carl Cox

“Instead of trying to recreate a complex visual environment, Woov makes you feel like you’re immersed in a group of friends experiencing music through the sense that matters most for music; our hearing. You feel the sound of your friends surrounding you, the sound of the physical space and the intensity and interaction of the crowd with the DJ. This is incredible not just for the listening audience but for the performer as well”, – Grammy-award nominated Producer and Sound Engineer BT.

The platform is the first of it’s kind and comes at a crucial time while the events industry is going through difficult times. Woov offers a new revenue stream for artists and organizers with a seamless solution to the issue of music rights clearance – providing a transparent revenue split of the actual value created for parties in the ecosystem.

Woov was built on the belief that live music should be experienced together. While it believes that the magic of physical events cannot be replaced, it aims to leverage its technology to make the live music experience accessible for everyone. Woov is currently in the beta phase and is offering a selection of early birds access to the platform now. To reserve your spot on the guest-list head to Woov.com and stay tuned for a stellar line-up of artist events to be announced.


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