World’s 1st DJ Set On The Longest Self Supporting Escalator In Europe Takes Place On July 4, 2020

worlds first dj set escalator

Before a lineup of international headline DJs between 10 pm and 12 am play the concluding sets of the inaugural Roof Sessions on Frankfurt’s ‘Expressway’, the roof terrace of Fitness First in Frankfurt’s MyZeil will host an incredible lineup of music between 6 pm & 10 pm.

At a height of nearly 40 meters, the terrace offers a sensational view of the Frankfurt Main metropolis skyline and with the bonus of incredible music, will ensure a spectacular once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved. DJs will change on the hour every hour, until 9 pm when BigCityBeats CEO Bernd Breiter is set to host a conference, in the new MyZeil FOODTOPIA culinary and gastro eating experience.

Taking into account each of the previous BigCityBeats events that have taken place during the Corona Crisis, the visionary boss of BigCityBeats will also offer an outlook of what’s in store for himself and his close-knit team in the near future.

Pretty exciting right?


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