World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival wins ‘Best Festival in the World’ and coveted ‘People’s Choice Festival’ at Eventex Global Awards

Biggest Guestlist Festival

The World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival 2017 (WBGF 2017) was the largest entertainment-for-good event to happen on the planet in 2017, and the world continues to celebrate it!

Guestlist4Good, the social enterprise behind the event, was the big winner at the 8th Eventex Global Event Awards, broadcast live to the world on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

WBGF 2017 won the coveted ‘Best Festival in the World’ award, beating out two other incredible events by renowned agencies in Germany and America. Special recognition was given to the fact that all 52 artists performed for free, for 146,000 fans, to support the education of 100,000 underprivileged Indian children.

Biggest Guestlist Festival

Biggest Guestlist Festival

Biggest Guestlist Festival

At the climax of the show, with the world watching, Gueslist4Good won the biggest award of the evening, the ‘People’s Choice Event of the World’. This award was the only category in which the public was allowed to vote for their favorite event, amongst the over 200 nominations! Indians and NRIs around the world voted in record numbers, supporting their homegrown, ‘Made in India’ intellectual property, to position WBGF2017 in the top spot.

“Even being nominated amongst such incredible event and event agencies around the world is an honor,” says the Inceptor of Guestlist4Good, Shailendra Singh. “To win ‘Best Festival’ made us very proud, but winning the ‘People’s Choice Event’ is hugely inspiring. It means that our efforts to unite the world through love and music, has truly touched the hearts of fans from around the world.”

It was a moment of pride for all of India that Eventex, the premier global event awards, recognized Guestlist4Good success in igniting the global entertainment-for-good movement. The international support serves to spread awareness about their mission of ‘uniting the world through entertainment, to ensure that every Indian child gets the education that they deserve’. Their current education partner is Magic Bus NGO and over three years of game-changing entertainment, Guestlist4Good has been able to support the education of 128,200 children on the Magic Bus programme.

“Guestlist4Good dedicates this award to it’s passionate and loyal fans in India and across the planet,” continues Shailendra. “We exist and can succeed, only because of our fans. Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans!”

All images courtesy: RUDGR


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