Yakumo hits up Glastonbury with orchestral live act


This weekend ought to be one to remember for Yakumo. Following their overwhelming performance at Eurosonic/Noorderslag in January 2016, the Dutch duo is to bring its orchestral live act to Glastonbury Festival on June 26th, making their first gig outside of the Netherlands their biggest one yet.

Developing an extensive live approach to electronic music, they recently added horns, percussion, and a vocalist to their own organic African rhythms and driving techno beats. Thus, Yakumo Orchestra was born. The unique collaboration (comprising tropical space techno act Yakumo, female vocalist Hiltje Andringa, African and classical percussion, and a brass) was invited to Eurosonic/Noorderslag to brandish their crossover between musical styles at Europe’s biggest showcase festival. Evidently, their performance earned them a spot in the line-up of Glastonbury Festival.

In the past few years, the duo have been popping up on the radar ever more often. They made their debut at the world-famous Amsterdam Dance Event in 2014 and managed to become a fixture at other major festivals as well. By October 2015, Yakumo had inked a deal with Armada Music sub label Subjekt Recordings and they put out their first singles, ‘I Feel’ and ‘Congo Hills’, in February this year. Their third single, ‘Soulfire’, is set for release on August 2nd.


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