Google launches YouTube Music to take on Spotify and Apple Music

YouTube Music

Popular video-sharing platform & the one-stop shop for people’s free music streaming needs, YouTube is utilizing its presence in the music space by launching a new music streaming service – YouTube Music.

All of Google’s music offerings have been confusing and continue to be so for users. Well, we are here to simplify and break it down for you. Apart from the free YouTube service with ads, there was a paid YouTube Red service available. Now, this paid service is broken down into 2, YouTube Music streaming service at $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium for video content at $11.99 per month.

Google has decided to directly rival Spotify and Apple Music with its completely reimagined app and new desktop music player, YouTube Music. The service will also include personalized playlists and enriched recommendations. Google’s AI expertise is being injected into the service, which will improve the search experience. Users will be able to search using lyrics and vague track descriptions like “the hipster song with whistling.”

youtube music

All of the above is available to everyone for free with the inclusion of YouTube ads. So, what do you get for your money? The paid service removes ads, let’s you listen to music in the background and enables offline downloads.

youtube music

At an additional $2, YouTube Premium is the new name for YouTube Red. In other words, it provides the same services for videos that YouTube Music provides for audio. Additionally, it also gives you access to YouTube Originals video library. Google promises to expand its Originals section with loads of content from multiple regions.

youtube music

So, what happens to the existing Google Play Music & YouTube Red subscribers? All existing Google Play subscribers get access to YouTube Music. However, Play Music isn’t being taken away. We’ll have to wait and watch as to how sustainable this is going to be considering the similar nature of both the music streaming services. YouTube Red is discontinued and Google is being nice by letting existing YouTube Red subscribers to use YouTube Premium at the original price of $9.99.

The new YouTube music service is launching this Tuesday (May 22) in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea. And, it will be available in the following countries in the coming weeks: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Google hints that additional expansions will happen later this year.

What music streaming service do you currently use? And, do you plan to switch YouTube Music once it’s rolled out? Let us know below.

P.S., Word is out that Google plans to work with Cardi B to promote its new services.

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