Zac Efron’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ Flops At The Box Office


Zac Efron’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ has, to not many people’s surprise failed miserably in its opening weekend at the box office!

The movie released across the U.S. this past weekend and did extremely poorly. With a $6million budget, the movie only managed to secure a meagre $1.8million causing Warner Bros bosses to bow their heads in shame.

“We’re disappointed… We believe in Zac and this was a passion project of his.”, said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. distribution executive vice president.

The movie did receive hate from several fans and producers alike. Was the movie made badly? or was it just a matter of misguided promotion strategies that caused its result? We’ll just have to wait and see whether the movie does better in other parts of the world.

Have you gone out to see WAYF yet? Will you?

Khushrav Bhada
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