Zedd Responds To Matthew Koma’s Claims About Stealing Credit & Toxic Behaviour

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On Spectrum’s 7th-anniversary, Matthew Koma decided to speak up, and give reasons as to why he and Zedd never worked again.

As one of Zedd’s most noteworthy and early collaborators, Koma penned an open letter to him titled “Dear Zedd” and posted it to Twitter.

Koma accused Zedd of allegedly took credit for writing two of his breakout songs, “Spectrum” and “Clarity.” Koma claimed to have “[written] every word and melody” on the tracks which both went on to play a major part in Zedd’s quick rise to stardom. He also went on to say how Zedd delayed his payment for singing on “Spectrum” until years later. And this was all in addition to giving him absolutely no credit for the tracks in any way at all.

The stories of the toxic behavior showed a different side to a man the industry considered an extremely talented musical prodigy of sorts. After days of waiting, Zedd has finally seen fit to respond to these claims.

zedd matthew koma beef

Judging by the response, we feel there’s a lot more to it, than meets the eye, and will have to wait for the full version of events to come out. What do you think? Let us know below.

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