Florian Picasso – Final Call (Official Music Video)

Florian Picasso - Final Call has been produced by Festival de Cannes nominated crew Fauns / Clubbing Vision!

Florian Picasso burst onto the radar of fans and industry members alike with his hit “Origami” last year, which was chosen as track of the year by DJ Mag France.

His blend of progressive house infused with energetic, electro-tinged drops is dynamic enough to fit both the club and festival circuit, making Florian a rising star in the EDM scene. Today’s music is always evolving, and Florian is at the forefront of developing a fresh sound for the modern era of the progressive house genre. The vocal rendition of “Origami”, entitled “Want it Back”, was another hit, having reached 2.5 million plays on Spotify. Protocol’s support of Florian was personified when he mixed the Protocol presents Miami 2016 compilation in March with fellow member Blinders.

Florian Picasso, the great grandson of the world famous artist Pablo Picasso, enabled listeners to relive such magical experiences on “Final Call”, his third single released on house mega-label Protocol Recordings on May the 13th. Featuring emotive lyrics over a lively melody, “Final Call” came to its pinnacle with an electro-influenced drop that elevates it from sing-a-long status to club-friendly tune, just in time for the height of festival season. Following up the success of the audio release, we are stoked to present you a video for “Final Call”. The animated masterpiece has been produced by Festival de Cannes nominated crew Fauns / Clubbing Vision, who have also worked on projects for the acclaimed movie Mad Max. They’ve also produced a lot of content for Canal+, one of the world’s leading TV networks. The video tells the poignant story of Chanh, the main character, who worked in the minefields of Vietnam in the minefields. After seeing his grandma killed by a mine explosion Chanh left everything behind and moved to Hanoi to begin a new life. Now he works at a factory, but his daily routine still remains the same: wake up, go to work. Then one day, everything changes. Check out what happens to Chanh by watching the “Final Call” video.


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