WATCH: Netsky – New ‘Work It Out’ Video Uses Never-Before-Seen Technology


In a world first, a new online music video allows viewers to interact with and instantly control what happens throughout each scene of a video using their mouse or smartphone as a remote control. The video for ‘Work It Out’ Feat. Digital Farm Animals, the new single from Netsky, tells the story of a teenager who develops telekinetic powers and is able to make objects float and move around with the power of his mind. Viewers of the video can use touch or their smartphone as a remote control, and direct how the main character uses his superpowers, live on their laptop or tablet screen.


Following its premiere as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio 1, and continued support from radio stations around the world, Netsky has teamed up with Powster, award winners of VR experiences and UK Music Video Awards, and a team renowned for interactive and innovative video technology, and Vevo, to bring you a highly unique interactive music video experience.

This is the debut of Powster’s ground-breaking controllable video technology that lets the viewer manipulate live action footage in real time. Over the past two years, Powster have been developing this technology and now, having partnered with Vevo, this tech will see its debut in the form of a music video.

Get ready to reach inside your screen and directly control the video footage by dragging your finger, moving your mouse, or even using your mobile as a remote control! The immersive experience happens directly in your browser as you the viewer, are given the power of telekinesis and the ability to manipulate objects in the video with seemingly magical powers.

Live action footage continues in-frame as you control objects in the scene, interact with animated elements, and even control Netsky himself who makes a cameo in animated form! With this new technology, music videos are no longer a passive experience.

The whole video is a trip through a world where animation, live action and interactivity are brought together. The characters within the video have animated heads and faces, which were tracked to live action actors using similar technology to SnapChat’s face tracking, giving a unique visual style.

With 360 videos becoming mainstream, this brand new, alternative technology, and the video for ‘Work It Out’ demonstrate just how much innovation is possible with filmed content.


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