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Omnia is one of the most exciting names to emerge from the progressive & trance scenes.

Having already made waves as a standout, festival-rocking DJ in his homeland in recent years, Omnia has recently transformed himself into a breakout and in-demand producer on a global scale, after dropping a devastating sequence of releases that have included several Beatport #1s. As with the rise of Arty before him, Omnia has picked-up the baton to lead the Eastern European EDM takeover, with notable highlights in a packed DJ schedule including festivals such as Global Gathering UK & Ukraine, Ultra Argentina, A State Of Trance 600 Holland, Trancefusion Czech Republic, Summadayze Australia as well as global club brands such as Ministry Of Sound, Zouk, Papaya, Privilege & Eden Ibiza, Ageha and Ellui.

We caught up with Omnia to discuss 2018, his latest release – Guide You Home, and loads more. Read our chat, below.

T.H.E – Hey man! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2018 been for you on the production front? What have been your favourite releases?

Omnia – Hi guys! Thanks for having me here! Actually, 2018 was the most productive year ever for me. I’ve been mostly focused on production & studio. Looking back at 2018 there are so many great tracks. But my personal favorite is ‘CYBERPUNK’ released last summer.

T.H.E – Comparing since the time you kicked off, and now, how would you say your sound has evolved?

Omnia – I’m always happy to experiment with my sound. So I’m trying to show the different sides of myself each time. Basically, it is still melodic, emotional, dramatic with its familiar sound in every song but it doesn’t stick to any specific genre or style frames.

T.H.E – For you as an artist, what causes the evolution of your sounds? Is it something that happens automatically or do you undergo a process of change?

Omnia – Well, I definitely could get bored if there won’t be an evolution in my sound 😀 But there are so many things going around me every day which makes me so inspired. I’m listening to various genres of music which give so inspiration as well. So this is definitely reflected on my own music

T.H.E – You’re closing 2018 with a bang, your new single is out with Robin Vane – Guide You Home. How did it come about, and how was it working with Robin Vane?

Omnia – ‘Guide You Home’ was that case when I had so much ‘space’ for creativity as a sound-producer. I’ve been lucky to hear some songs from Robin Vane earlier and there was no doubt that I want to do something with him, so I contacted Robin on Facebook and purposed to work on something together. He sent me an original demo of ‘Guide You Home’ and I was like ‘WOW’! Musically this song gave me an opportunity to use some real instruments and basically to mix it with energetic drops which makes this tune great in both dance & pop ways at the same time. And I also think that the lyrics behind the ‘Guide You Home’ has its personal touch for all of us. No matter how far you are from your loved ones, love will guide you home…

To download or stream the track, click here.

T.H.E – How has 2018 been on the touring front, what have been your favourite events of the year?

Omnia – It was absolutely great! I played some big festivals in Europe, like UNTOLD in Romania, Electronic Family in The Netherlands, Electric Festival in Finland. As well as touring in the United States and Asia which were absolutely unforgettable.

T.H.E – You’re playing ASOT 900 at Utrecht next year in February! Excited?

Omnia – Yeah, absolutely! We’re debuting our brand new project FUTURECODE with my friend Ben Gold on the mainstage of ASOT. So we are really excited and can’t wait to share all the new music we’ve been working on for the past months.

T.H.E – It’s not the first time you have been a part of ASOT Festivals is it? What is the most exciting thing about them?

Omnia – Yeah, my debut at ASOT festival was in 2012 in Ukraine and I played so many ASOT shows after that (Netherlands, Ibiza, Australia, Malaysia…). So for me, ASOT events are always special and feel like home no matter where its happening. I love the whole production, Armin and the whole ASOT team doing their best each time. But of course, the greatest thing about ASOT is trance fans and all those great people who support us around the world.

T.H.E – Over the course of 2019, what are your bigger plans, that you definitely want to accomplish?

Omnia – There are so many shows confirmed for the next year so I’m really looking forward to coming back on tour with all the new music I’ve been working on so hard in 2018.

T.H.E – Thanks, Omnia! Keep up the good work. ☺

Omnia – And thank you guys so much for your support!

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