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Following the release of his luscious release ‘Go Home’ in September, fast-rising Romanian producer Pascovski V has unveiled his brand-new single, ‘Believe’, a slick collaboration with Hard Grax which dropped on the London-based label, LFTD Recordings.

Soon after this release, Pascovski V met us to talk about it, and his plans for his label. Read our chat below.

T.H.E – Hey Pascovski! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How are you right now? 
Pascovski V – Hello guys, thank you for the invitation and I’m very glad to meet you! I’m very excited our song “Believe” has reached over 1.5+ Millions listeners on Soundcloud.
T.H.E – Tell us about your musical background & when did you first start DJ’ing / Producing?
Pascovski V – It all started 12 years ago, when I was only 17. My first software was an old version of FI Studio, which was a challenge as it was very difficult to find samples and plug-ins at that time. In the meantime, I used to work as a DJ in small clubs within my hometown.
T.H.E – Your new single ‘Believe’ is a collaboration with Hard Grax. How was the experience of the entire process, working together?

Pascovski V – Yes, working with Hard Grax (Eugen) was an amazing experience. Eugen is a young Romanian producer established in Danemark together with his family. We’ve met online 5 years ago during the time I was signing off “Armed” song with Spinnin’ Records, a time when he was sharing his initial projects with me for feedback and advice. Once my first musical production company Armed was up and running, he started sending more and more demos, which we initially ignored as we didn’t find them if high quality. In time, he gained experience and I was impressed with the idea behind the song Believe, which made me trust this will be a huge success. We then started our collaboration.
T.H.E – How did it come about & in addition, how was it working with revered vocalist Nathan Brumley?
Pascovski V – As our project was progressing, we realised there was something missing… a voice. I immediately got in touch with my friend Nathan Brumley to whom we briefed about our ongoing project and he was happy to produce the lyrics and song
T.H.E – According to you, what is the most important part of a track (vocals, melody, drop) when you get into the studio, start a record?
Pascovski V – I can say that a voice is a very important part of me for a project, but you can not always have that voice “WOW” (Nathan). If I do not have that voice, I’m trying to make a melody and a “wow” drop so that it encompasses you totally. Off: I want a “Nathan Brumley” to have it daily in the studio: D
T.H.E – You were one of the artists on the Spinnin ‘Records roster in 2014. What made you start your own label, LFTD Recordings?
Pascovski V – Yes, I am an artist signed by the famous record label since 2014 when I released the song “Armed” on Talent Pool EP5, shortly after that followed the Armed record label, which came after the success of the song, 4 years later we opened a new record label (LFTD Recordings) along with my friend and partner “Blayne Morrow” in Canada.
T.H.E – What kind of sound overall, does the label focus on representing?
Pascovski V – Our company “LFTD Music Group” core values are Unity, Respect, Peace, and Health. Bringing a variety of people around the globe and helping to be unique is a characteristic of our culture. It’s LIVE and LOVE. #GETLFTD
T.H.E – Lastly, what is the future hold for Pascovski V and LFTD Recordings?
Pascovski V – There are many new projects, now I’m working on a new project with a famous DJ / Producer in Italy, and a voice from Great Britain, the song is due to be released this December.
Every day I work with my team at our LFTD Recordings, we have daily dozens of demos received by email. We are working very hard on our LFTD brand and there are many surprises that will come from our LFTD Music Group.

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