The Phat Lady Sings reveals summer jam – Hey Boy


Songwriting collective The Phat Lady Sings have revealed a brand new track, their first in 2018; the sun-drenched summer jam – Hey Boy.

‘Hey Boy’ is the ultimate statement of what TPLS stand for. Originally written on spec for a huge pop star, considered by two, but then rejected by a major label, the group decided to re-record it and release themselves.

The song sees TPLS move away from their house roots and into more laid-back territory. The afro-beats, crafted by producer Nutty P, forming the perfect tropical base for a sweet and soulful vocal, delivered by Bobbie Gordon.

TPLS said: “This song has been re-produced so many times we nearly gave up on it. Originally we wrote it to pitch to another artist, it was submitted to two and got rejected. In the end we loved the top line so much we took it back for ourselves to release under TPLS. Big up Bobbie on the vocals and Nutty P on the buttons”

The Phat Lady Sings are known for their alternative approach to the music industry.

Frustrated with the shackles placed on their creativity by a rigid and business-driven industry, the group came together with the idea to deliver incredible songs, top lines, lyrics and melodies and hand them to gifted (and sometimes unknown) vocalists and producers to play with. Having done this for some time, the group decided to start releasing some of the resulting tracks themselves under the artist moniker ‘The Phat Lady Sings’.

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