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Dean Harris, aka Coki is arguably one of the biggest artists of the dubstep movement.

If there is a producer that exemplifies the raw and aggressive side of dubstep, it is Coki. Either solo or as part of Digital Mystikz, he has been destroying dancefloors and releasing game changing records for over a decade, long ago solidifying his role as a founding father of dubstep. Coki’s sound was rooted in the melting pot of early 2000s London – jungle, garage and dub. Owning a unique musical style, which has always captivated and baffled his fans in equal measure, he has used the last few years developing and expanding into new areas.

Coki’s label Don’t Get it Twisted, has moved from strength to strength with releases from newcomers and the head honcho himself. The label returns for another EP that’ll realign you with the sounds which made dubstep one of the UK’s most reputable dance music genres.

Following a multi-faceted output from Coki, production outfit Aki & Zerg has come together to present a three track EP which epitomizes what both the artists and label are about. With three, brand new heavyweight records, Aki & Zerg continue their ascent to the top and within the Don’t Get it Twisted roster they’ve found the perfect home. It serves as the best possible platform for their new release, which will see them become a household name within the world of dubstep.

From the stunning three track masterpiece, we are proud to present ‘System Overload’. With blaring horns and a stepped up, grime-esque breakdown, the track is more reminiscent of the music which has helped underpin the dubstep world. It shows that Aki & Zerg are staying true to their roots, not bowing down to commercial appeal and sticking with the underground. And that’s the same ethos pushed by Don’t Get it Twisted, continuing through this forthcoming release from Aki & Zerg.

Download the EP, here.

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

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