Premiere: Flowidus – Zulu


Aspiring Australian based duo Flowidus burst onto the scene and the Ram Records landscape in 2016, with their debut Program release, the From The Storm EP, which exhibited their smooth production techniques.

After releasing a few tracks together as Spillage & Dealt Fairly throughout 2015, it was towards the end of the year that they managed to grab the attention of Andy C’s legendary label RAM Records, and thus igniting the beginning of Flowidus.

Now, the budding production partnership are back for an even an even bigger 2017. The duo have made some big moves this year by having tracks featured on the Ram Records compilation series and having supported DC Breaks on the Australian leg of their worldwide Different Breed tour.

Flowidus are now set to unleash their sophomore release on Program, in the form of No Matter and Zulu. Zulu, which lives up to its name with a tribal inspired build up complete with African drums, the sounds of jungle animals and a ragga vocal sample.

After growing, the tune drops with a growling synth and crisp drum pattern creating a certified dance-floor destroyer, as well as a testament of the duo’s ever evolving style.

Having now established themselves as a Program staple, the question is how far Flowidus’ style will evolve, and where it will take them.

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

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