Home Grown Talent

The Netherlands and Sweden have traditionally been the two countries dominating the dance music scene, with a number of young artists emerging year after year. With college programs specifically meant for music production education, the system in these countries is highly efficient and supports young talent, which ultimately results in a number of skilled DJ’s flowing out of these countries year after year.
These countries have stressed on the importance of homegrown talent, and have taken steps to ensure that it is nurtured in the right manner and given ample opportunities and a platform to showcase talent.
Homegrown talent must get the support it needs in every country, as DJ’s will only be able to make a name for themselves internationally if they have received support in their very own nation. No DJ can become an overnight international senstation, it takes years of efforts and opportunities in his or her close surroundings.

David Guetta played in gay clubs in the 80’s, Tiesto practised his art on weekends in a small club in his hometown and Nicky Romero started out by hanging coats and sweeping floors in a small club in his city. What all of these DJ’s got was an opportunity, a chance to make it big and they made it count. There are probably thousands of young DJ’s in the Netherlands who worked day and night but couldn’t make it big because they never got the chance they deserved. In hindsight it only means that the world lost out on so many musicians, the sounds they would have brought to the dance music industry, and probably even the new genres they would have created.

A-Trak and Dannic are two of the many examples of DJ’s who emerged through talent hunt competitions, and it only shows how important it is to recognize talent in its early stages, groom it in the right manner, and make it ready to take on the world! It’s not the money, or the fame that a young DJ needs most, it’s the confidence, somebody to back his ability, and the assurance that the many sleepless nights spent trying to become better have paid off.

Martin Garrix’s popularity shot through the roof when he became the youngest DJ ever to hold the top spot on the Beatport charts with his blockbuster ‘Animals’, but it wasn’t his first track, his productions include ‘Keygen’, ‘BFAM’ and ‘Just Some Loops’ among others, tracks that didn’t really make it huge, but had he been dismissed as an average talent or discouraged at that stage, ‘Animals’ wouldn’t have happened, which brings us to another important aspect – That it will take some time and perhaps a lot of attempts to get the best out of a talent, but one simply cannot give up on a talent he believes in.

That’s precisely why we have decided to introduce the “Home Grown Talent” feature to give every home grown aspiring DJ/Producer a chance to have his/her talent recognized. We have absolutely no right to tell someone that their mix/track/bootleg/set is not good enough. Everyone has the right to follow their dreams. So if you think you are good enough, send us the link of your stream with a proper description of what you and your music (Only EDM!) is about along with a creative for your stream, and we will be more than happy to give you a feature on our website!

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