[Review] Muzi – Boom Shaka


One rising star in the bass music scene is South African DJ/producer that goes by the name Muzi. Working his way swiftly into the playlists of leading dance music artists and labels.

The youngster grew up in a township in Empangeni, shrouded with violence and hardships. Still managing to rise above his circumstances and make a success of his life and career. Finding a way to deal with the troubled situation, Muzi turned to music and we’re so glad he did! He has found his own style mixing the bass sounds and african elements to create a fusion of dance music that appeals to the international audience.

Building from strength to strength, Muzi has released his debut album, “Boom Shaka”, on his very own label imprint – “We The Bundu”.

Starting off, “Boom Shaka” is an electrifying track titled “Ekhaya”. Which translates to “My home” in native South African language, isiZulu. Starting off with a clubby house vibe with the starting bassline, it goes into a smooth unfiltering vocal coupled with a deep sub and chilled out beat. This adds a beautiful touch to the track, evolving into a liquid trap vibe. Its a tune you can definitely jam to in the club.

The title track of the album comes in second. A whole lot more upbeat compared to the opener. More aggression in a twerk style trap variety. Typical sounding until Muzi switches it up with some house flavour as the song progresses.

Onto song number 3 which is “Township Mosaic”. The song starts of with an interesting reversal sort of melody, giving off an air of mystery with supporting claps. Soon breaking into a middle eastern melody and trappy beat. Love this track. A bit dark in terms of atmosphere but perfect for killing it at the club.

Next up is “Ukusa”. Second song of the album that features liquid trap style. Cool and chilled with a bit of edge, mashed together with vocals in isiZulu. Its a wonderful journey of sound. Muzi once again manages to change things up and follow through with a house beat, slightly different though as it has some kwaito elements. Please check out some kwaito music so you will know what I mean.

Next is “Sweat” and things are turned up to another level. This track is more intense compared to the previous track. A cool vibe that will kick butt on them big speakers. Oh and yeah it will make you sweat.

“Shaman” takes you into the halfway mark of the album. What a banger! Totally loving this track. Real trap, real bass, real magic! I can see this tune doing well at festivals and clubs.

Going into the next song is “Nizogcwala”. This tune has such a great vibe. Muzi made use of bell synths and percussion on those 808s. Added hip hop elements and brassy strings to top off a great track.

“Hallo” comes in next, upbeat and happy track for your summer party. I don’t have any complaints, this is a great track.

“Switch Up” takes us through into the more heavier side of trap. This is definitely a monster track. Again Muzi adds elements of the middle eastern vibe on a faster tempo to make us dance. Really cool beat transitions throughout the track.

Second last track of the album is “Khululeka”. Also heavier and manages to make your heart race. Highly recommended.

Closing off the album is “WTF You Mean”. One of my favourite tracks. A popular song loved by the masses. A special song as it was inspired by the protest action university students took against the government for the #FeesMustFall campaign in South Africa. It took place sometime last year. Can’t help but feel empowered by the track. Good trap vibes fill our ears reminding us of an important message.

It is evident that Muzi’s home country and background have highly influenced his debut album. I’ve got to give him props, its not easy to create an album, but Muzi has done just fine. A great mix of hip hop, trap, house including other interesting elements, a successful music album was created. Good vibes and imperative messages surround this album. We love it, make sure you get yours soon or simply stream it.

You can buy the album here.


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